Terms & Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions of service carefully. These terms apply to Weddings and Events as stated:

* All known allergies must be provided to the artist prior to your service. We will not accept any responsibility for allergic reactions.

* Event Bookings – A $20 (per service) non-refundable retainer is required to secure your booking and is due within 3 business days of receipt of your confirmation email. Failure to pay your retainer may result in a cancelled booking.

*Wedding bookings – required you to sign a contract and pay a $100 non-refundable retainer to secure your wedding date. Signed contract and retainer are due within 3 business days of receipt of your email. If not signed and paid within 3 days your wedding date will become available to other brides and contract will be void.

*Clients must read the important information section of their booking. If the artist deems any instructions have not be properly met then this may result in additional charges or a cancelled booking.

*In the event a COVID/pandemic lockdown was to occur, all bookings will have 12months to reuse their retainer. No retainers are fully or part refundable in these circumstances.

*Event Balances are payable on the day of your booking. We accept cash, Osko Instant Bank Transfer or Credit Card. Credit Card payments will incur a 1.9% fee.

*Wedding balances are payable 7 days prior to your booking. We accept bank transfer or over the phone credit card payments (1.9% fee on credit).

*A $50 per hour early start fee applies to any bookings starting before 7am. The fee will be paid to each artist who is in attendance. This will be billed in hourly increments.

*Where the artist is travelling more than 1.5hrs to a job location, with a start time of 7:15am or prior, the client must pay for local accomodation, which may be sourced by the client or artist.

*A minimum call out fee of $400 per artist applies to all bookings away from the studio.

*Public Holidays and after hours appointments will incur a 20% surcharge on the advertised service rates.

*Hotel or off street parking charges will be added to your invoice. Due to the large amount of equipment we carry, valet parking at hotels is a requirement and will be paid for by the hotel guest. Artists will not park more than 100 meters from the venue entrance.

*Travel Fees are calculated at .72c per km travelled (round trip). If within 5km of 3150 free travel applies. These rates are Australian Taxation Office travel rates.

*We do not travel more than 1.5hours one way from 3150 postcode. If your wedding preparation location is further, than please apply in writing and advise the artist prior to making any bookings.

*We only accept one wedding booking per day to a maximum of 7 people (have one service) per artist or as we deem necessary. This ensures a high standard of service and consistency of work across all of our clients. The more services required, additional staff will be put on to forfill the booking.

*Once your booking is confirmed you may not the total numbers. Any services that cannot be fulfilled by another person will still be paid for in full. An increase in numbers can only take place if time permits and artist maximum numbers and quality of service are not being comprimised.

*We reserve the right to decline a service in its entirety and without warning and without refund to any person we deem to be unwell, putting us immediate risk or who is not following the Victorian Government Health directives and laws.

*You and any person you have booked a service for or who will be present on the day of your booking must adhere to our COVID Safe Plan

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